1. Freeforester

    Sold: Larder mincer, stainless steel, size 12 plates

    Hi as above, upgrading my S/S pro mincer to a larger capacity, but this one has done me very well for the past few years. Regularly used and maintained, ready to work, clean and easily kept so, it takes readily available No. 12 plates and blades. Quiet operation, with a very decent throughput...
  2. S

    Sold: Hobart 22 mincer

    I have a surplus Hobart 22 table top mincer it came from a butchers shop that just shut, there are no blades or discs with it but these are easily found on eBay new, it runs and comes with the machine, tray, mincer and worm. It is in used condition but functions fine. It is extremely heavy would...