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    DPT SOUND MODERATOR 17 HMR or .22 RIMFIRE Baffles - 5/8" UNF Baffles can be broken down to clean. SPECIAL OFFER FOR STALKING DIRECTORY MEMBERS RRP - £100 STALKING DIRECTORY MEMBERS - £80 Please contact 0117 3039 227 or visit our website
  2. For Sale: 270 clear out

    Given up 270, clearing out all gear factory ,,,, fedral 130gn power shock , 8x boxes of 20 , @ £22-00 per box fedral, 150 gn vital shock 27 rounds £30-00 IF you take the lot i can throw in a box of 50 x home loads ( 150 match kings) Brass, once fired fedral, x93 £30-00...
  3. Pitting on brand new DPT moderator

    Earlier this week a friend helped me zero a brand new Tikka T3x in .308 Win. On the end of the barrel was a new DPT moderator. I fired 57 shots. I took the mod off, followed the manufacturer's instructions and cleaned it in warm soapy water. There is some slight pitting on each of the sections...
  4. ATEC CMM-4 ALU Moderator 30 Cal

    ATEC CMM-4 aluminium lightweight moderator for sale .30 calibre (off my Sako A7 in 308, also for sale, see other post) M14 x 1 threaded Great performing and lightweight mod (buying another with different thread for other rifle) Owned from new and boxed, see all photos £150 ONO via private...
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