1. Last moose of the season

    With daylight quickly going, just 5-6 hours a day now, we were relieved to finally get the last moose on our quota. It was a mini calf, and one that we had been looking for. I wouldn’t have survived the winter. At ours most moose hunting is done using a dog on a leash, that locates the deer and...
  2. Beginners luck - Sweden

    Beginners Luck.Well I'm just in transit a the airport after spending an amazing week, moose hunting in Sweden. Day started with a 0900 pick up from Arlanda where I met most of my new shooting friends. We travelled about 3 hrs north, where we met our hosts for the week and had some lunch, before...
  3. Swap a hunt........anywhere

  4. Moose and calf

    Whilst sitting at my post waiting for a roe buck to show I had a visit from a female moose with her calf. Great to see and more than made up for not seeing a roe buck.