mosin nagant

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  1. Mosinmush

    Hi There Been shooting for years stopped for a few years but started up again 4 years ago. Have a vast collection of various firearms. In here for info and looking for a Dr Bob's doubler for my night vision..
  2. .308/7.62x51/7.62x54?

    Hi, just in the process of applying for the fac. i want a .308 for target and occasional paid deer stalks, but I heard that I may need to apply for 7.62x51 if I want to buy mil surprise ammo, is this true? also I would at some point like to have a cheap mosin nagant, therefore would I need to...
  3. 7.62x53r reloading for M39 Finnish Nagant

    Dear All, i have an Issue! I have recently acquired an 1942 M39 B Barrel Finnish Nagant. I have found out through slugging the bore that it's calibre is .3095 give or take a thou. Lee reloading die is made for 7.62x54r Russian, which has a decapper/expanding pin indexed from .308. Firstly...