1. Bicycle trip

    For this year grousehunt in the Scandiavian alps we decided to take bicycles to further on a road closed for cars. We brought a big tentipi enough for 4 persons and 3 GWP. In the afternoon on the day before the premier we rode out and set up the tent. Then in the morning we hiked up the mountain...
  2. Chamois hunter in Swiss Alps

    I live in the Swiss Alps (Valais, Verbier). I hunt chamois, deer and roedeer. It is mainly stalking. I use a sako rifle 30-06 spring.
  3. Slovenia

    Hi! I’m hunter from Slovenia! Working arround here as a PH. Love hunting in the mountains. I use 7mm Rem Mag and 30.06 calibers. Sometimes also 5.6x52. Have fun and enjoy woods!