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  1. Sold: Wheeler Scope Mounting Combo Kit, 1-inch & 30mm

    For sale is my Wheeler Scope Mounting Combo Kit, 1-inch & 30mm. Brand new – never used – imported from the US two years ago. Comes with the following items: - 10 gunsmithing screwdriver bits - 1 inch scope ring lapping bar - 30mm scope ring lapping bar - 1 inch scope ring alignment bars...
  2. First attempt at European mount

    Hi all, Just finished cleaning and putting my first Munjac buck skull together for mount, what do you think?
  3. Help with Blaser R93 scope mounting

    Hi all, I'm going to be getting a used Blaser R93 luxus. It didn't come with anything mount wise. So I ordered a 0MOA Contessa picatinny rail that is made to fit a Blaser R93 action. Question is, what height rings would i need for this rail? I'm using a 30mm tube S&B Stratos 2.5-13 x 56. Any...
  4. mounting Cast red stag antlers

    Hi guys, I have a couple of sets of red stag antlers I have found, one of which is a small pair of 6 points (i witnessed the stag drop one of which and found the other just 50 yards away from the following weekend). The other is a pair of HUGE antlers, both 7 points (one would have been 9...
  5. Advice needed, Red skull attachment to shield

    After this skull has been whitened I will be looking to mount his on a shield, however i'm not to sure on the methods used. I was thinking of a strong glue but due to the weight this is a non starter! Can someone point me in the right direction or share your experiences? Also I'm looking for a...
CDSG Shooting Sports