1. Norfolk Smallholder and Stalker

    Hi all, I live in Norfolk and have been stalking for around three years. I stalk principally for meat and have been 100 per cent self-sufficient for almost two years. Venison is an incredible addition to the lamb, pork, and chicken I produce, rabbits and pigeons I shoot, etc. There is a...
  2. For Sale: Pedestal trophy mounts

    Another batch of Walnut trophy pedestal mounts suitable for roe muntjac or CWD. 12 available, first come first served. £45 each, or buy 3 + for £40 each.
  3. How to CIC trophy prep?

    Hopefully this one can be pinned as I am sure it’s in the forum however I’m struggling to find it (min 4 letters search, does not help) Shot a nice (not great) muntjac and would like advice: 1. How to prepare trophy? 2. How to send to a measurer? Or 3. Do I hand deliver to a measurer? 4. Is it...
  4. 20221024_080149.jpg


    A nice munty buck.
  5. Morning of muntjac

    I’ve been meaning to get on top of the muntjac on one of the farms I do the foxing for after the landowner had a word about them, and have shot a couple over the summer when sitting out before dark plus one from a morning stalk, but have had no chance to properly knock them over due to the sheer...
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    Cracking Munti
  7. Wanted: Muntjac stalking

    I’m looking for some muntjac stalking the closer to Shropshire the better as the wife would be rather unhappy if I start galavanting around the country while she’s stuck at home. I am looking to put a couple in the freezer so not too fussy regards medal bucks. Thanks in advance guys!
  8. Wanted: muntjac from stropshire?

    hello, guys I'm been sent down to stropshire for two weeks with work...I have the weekend off and would love to take advantage of being down south (glasgow boy) to have a chance at taking my first muntjac. I have been told deer stalking in this area England is not the best? so where would I...
  9. X4. Can I have tomorrow off?

    Out in Hampshire today first light. Thunder and lightening. Stayed in vehicle until lightning stopped. Some reaction to calls with odd early sightings, bit of chasing. 1. Shot an adolescent roe buck in the head off sticks at 5.20am at 50 yards in small paddock feeding. Thunder clearing/rain...
  10. Identify the prints/tracks

    Any takers to spot the tracks? I Spotted these in the snow I can definitely say we have mice and can see the fox, moorhen and maybe seagull tracks. But do any look like muntjac? I can see what looks like fox but then different size gap prints on the right hand side, was it running away or is it...
  11. Creating a deer haven in Wiltshire

    Hi everyone, Was hoping to get some advice and wisdom on this. I have 150 acres of land in Wiltshire that my family currently farm sheep on. In a few years time I am going to take over it and I want to turn it into a wildlife haven for the roe deer and muntis and also for the wider wildlife (we...
  12. Got a Muntjac this morning... and maybe a medal?

    Went out early. Conditions perfect. Wandering along at first light towards what I hoped might prove a promising spot. Bumped a deer - which I didn't see but which I did hear jump in a bramble thicket. Set up my sticks, chambered a round. Gave three gentle squeaks using the Buttalo. Waited. Gave...
  13. Experience

    I have been shooting for as long as I can remember air rifles and shotguns up until February last year. I got my firearms licence for a 17hmr and started shooting a lot of fox’s on the farm. I applied for a 243 recently and it was refused as the land I live on wasn’t deemed suitable for it so...
  14. Muntjac stalking wanted - Home Counties

    Hi all, I’m on the lookout for a muntjac buck in early November and wondered if anyone knows of someone I could go out with? Trying to get a bit more experience (have been out about 15 times), but never had one of these. For my sins I’m London based, so was hoping ideally for something...
  15. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    Hi All, I was stalking recently and shot a Muntjac Doe with a 150gr Sierra Gameking from my .308 rifle. The shot was about 65m. When I retrieved the carcass the bullet had passed straight through with a very narrow wound channel. I expected the Gameking bullet to have mushroomed more?! Are...
  16. Dirty Muntjac Skull Prep

    Hi All, I found a Muntjac Buck skull whilst out stalking and am hoping to clean it up. It is pretty badly stained, any ideas how to get it looking white again? Pictures here: Any help much appreciated!! Regards Tom