muzzle loading

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  1. For Sale: Uberti New Army .44 Percussion Revolver

    As above Percussion cylinder loading black powder revolver signs of use but no pitting or rust, well cleaned. Made in Italy Good fun for down your local range/club £120
  2. For Sale: Armi San Marco Hawken Percussion rifle .50

    Armi San Marco Garoone V.T. muzzle loading rifle Black powder Percussion Hexagonal blued steel rifled .50 cal barrel front and rear sights One colour hardened side plate brass endcap to forend double trigger Made in Italy Brass ended wooden ramrod Signs of use but Good overall...
  3. Sold: Ardesa Patriot P .45 Muzzleloader Pistol

    Here for sale is an Ardesa Patriot P .45 cal Muzzleloading pistol, made in Spain This is a modern section 1 percussion blackpowder pistol in very good condition. It comes with this lovely lined depart mental wooden case as seen, as well as all accessories including lead balls, cleaning gear...
  4. Sold: 45cal Hornady Black powder round lead balls

    As above, unopened box of 100. (cal 45/.457) Along with two plastic packs of lead balls, believed to be of the same size, guestimate quantity of 50 plus. Please see photograph. £25 posted
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