neck die

  1. Sold: 223 Redding Competition Bushing Neck Die £55

    Evening. Virtually unused, part of 2 competition sets I have - either 5 or 10 years old (can't remember which version of the micrometer is the oldest). Done about 100 rounds max then bought 2nd 223 and abandoned neck sizing - too much hassle keeping track of which brass belongs to which rifle...
  2. Sold: Reloading dies - RCBS .308 Neck, .222 Neck, Redding .300 WSM Neck & Seating

    Following a rationalisation of my reloading kit I have decided to sell the following dies as I do not use them: SOLD RCBS .222 Rem NECK sizer die (P/N 10930) - As new (Not used since bought) in original box etc. £35 + P&P. SOLD SOLD RCBS .308 Rem NECK sizer die (P/N 15530) - As new (Not used...