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  1. Hello!

    Hi, New member with a love of dogs and walking, keen shooter, farm labourer and mechanic. Not much else to add for now!
  2. Introduction

    Hi all, I've been visiting the site on and off for some years now and suddenly wondered why I hadn't joined - so I have. I live and work in rural Hertfordshire, and spend most of my shooting time on one range or another. I've been shooting since I was taught as a Cadet many years ago. Currently...
  3. Introduction

    Hi all, I'm a 21 year old lad living and working in Norfolk/Suffolk. I work in agriculture and manage the deer alongside my dad on a 3500 acre block near Norwich comprising of roe and muntjac, I have been involved in shooting, stalking and country pursuits for as long as I can remember. I have...
  4. Introduction

    Hi all, Recently joined as I am interested in getting into some deer stalking and other game shoots, currently an owner of a Weihrauch HW35 .22 and BSA Cadet Major air rifles, i’ve done some shooting comps as a young lad and done some pigeon/rat pest shoots over the years, however I am in the...
  5. New member

    Hi all Long time reader and thought it was about time I signed up to post occasionally. I’ve shot all my life but only really go into Deer over the past 5 years or so after doing my DSC 1 up in Ripon.
  6. Picky's says hello.

    Hello fellow stalkers, my name is Ivan I live in the Peak District, central England, with my wife and two daughters. I enjoy all all forms of shooting starting in the beating line at 8 and progressing to running my own shoot at 30. It was during running the shoot I first got into stalking as Roe...
  7. New Member

    As a new member I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Let's Hope 2020 brings all the joy and success for all of us. I am a regular Deer Stalker from London and use a .308.
  8. Sambar1. New member intro.

    Hi to All. I've enjoyed Stalking Directory for some time, learning a lot from all of you, and have now finally signed up. I live in Lancashire, where I do most of my shooting, but have family in Cambridgeshire, so i do a bit there too when I go down. I have a 12 bore for crows and pigeons, a .22...