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  1. Picky's says hello.

    Hello fellow stalkers, my name is Ivan I live in the Peak District, central England, with my wife and two daughters. I enjoy all all forms of shooting starting in the beating line at 8 and progressing to running my own shoot at 30. It was during running the shoot I first got into stalking as Roe...
  2. New Member

    As a new member I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Let's Hope 2020 brings all the joy and success for all of us. I am a regular Deer Stalker from London and use a .308.
  3. Sambar1. New member intro.

    Hi to All. I've enjoyed Stalking Directory for some time, learning a lot from all of you, and have now finally signed up. I live in Lancashire, where I do most of my shooting, but have family in Cambridgeshire, so i do a bit there too when I go down. I have a 12 bore for crows and pigeons, a .22...
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