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    New member introduction

    Hi All, I am a new member from Lancashire. Very interested in getting involved in this group. Looking for contacts and friends to go stalking with. I am a novice at stalking, but experienced in wildfowling, vermin control and clay shooting and I am wanting to progress to deer stalking, and would...
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    Hi all I am a new member and new to stalking

    Hi all I am a new member to this forum. my name is Steve. I've had many years of rabbiting and foxing with my 17HMR and my 223 with the occasional muntjac (223). Now swapped my 223 Titan 3 ( lovely and underrated ) for a Tikka t3x in 243 so I am legal on the larger species of deer we have hear...
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    New member

    Hi, My name is Alec. I am a novice shooter. I have previous experience with shotgun, mainly 12 bore. But I am planning to do my DSC1 prior to applying for my FAC, with the intention of getting a .243 to stalk primarily Red/Roe for my freezer. I was recommended this forum by a friend.
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    New member intro

    Hi I currently work as a Woodland Officer for the Forestry Commission advising woodland owners on good woodland management in Mid Sussex. I am based in Haslemere, Surrey. my work takes me into the wilder areas of Sussex and where time allows I also like to spend as much time as possible in...
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    Introduction from new member

    Hi Barnesy here just giving some basic info about myself. Keen amateur stalker- have been stalking for 5 years, have DSC1 - (only 6 months left to get my DSC2 before I have to pay another £100 - so any ideas in SE please shout!) I reload my own which I have been doing for 2 years now and shoot...
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    Hi Stalking Directory

    Hi All, Im an engineer living in the midlands. I have a plan on getting into deer stalking towards the end of this year / start of next. Currently my only experience is target shooting, rabbit shooting with Air rifle and clay shooting with shotguns but i can't think of a better way to enjoy...
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    Hello all

    Hello everyone. Based within the highlands of London. l am relative newbie to stalking. Not many opportunities for stalking in the south East. Very keen to learn from the old hands. Happy to help if I can.
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    New to the forum and want to get into stalking

    Hello all that read this my name is joe I'm 23 and from South Wales I don't currently do any stalking but I am very keen to start, I currently have a .17hmr and .223 that I use for various small vermin but am looking to start stalking in the near future (sending my variation in by the end of the...
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    Hello from Middlesex

    Hi all I have moved to the U.K roughly two years ago. I have done a fair bit of rifle shooting in the United States and on the Indus plains in Pakistan (primarily with 7x57 mauser and 7.62x51 win). The U.S. experience was exclusively on shooting ranges, whereas Pakistan was a mix of shooting...
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    South Yorkshire based new member

    Hello, My name is Andrew based in Sheffield. I am a keen shooter, and I have a Maxus Browning shotgun. Most of my shooting is clay/rough shooting and I spent a lot of time clearing farms and stables when I lived up north. Since moving down here I am looking to meet shooters from the area...
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    New Member

    Hi everyone! My name is Jake and I live near Camborne in Cornwall. I have been using shotguns since I was a teenager many years ago. I shoot whenever I get a chance and am often out 2 or 3 nights a week lamping with a rifle. I also do some clay pigeon shooting and on occasion some stalking...
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    How do

    I have just joined, after finding answers to many of my questions over the years. This forum has been a very useful resource, and I've decided to become a member properly. I've done a little stalking, and would like to do more. I do a fair bit of shooting – and a whole lot more beating :). Cheers,
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    Newest Member

    I am a new member but want to say hello and happy day to you all.
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    New to the forum looking for contacts in the midlands/welsh borders

    Hello, My names James living in Shropshire started stalking last year got a good guide that takes people stalking for a fee.Looking to make more time for stalking and getting involved with stalking people this year want to do as much as I can without the costs getting too high.Im a plant...
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    New member saying hello.

    Hi all My names Richard. Im 31. I've been stalking for a couple years now. I live in north London. I shoot a lovely .308 ( haven't had much get back up). A friend of mine told me about this forum and thought I would join. I've got land that i shoot a lot of fallow, munty on. I've shot a lot of...
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    New member

    Hello, My name is Oscar, i am 18, and i work for a small business that sells hunting equipment and guns. I do some bits and bobs of advertising in the classified section of the forum, but wanted an account for my self as i end up reading your posts and they are very interesting. Just getting in...
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    New Memeber Into - Rhys Humphrey

    Hello, My name is Rhys Humphrey, I have been shooting since I was about 8 years old mainly shotguns doing pigeon, clay and rough shooting. Last year I got my FAC and originally put in for a .22RF for vermin & fox control and became a member of the Abergavenny Pistol & Rifle Club. After a few...
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    Hirsch - New Member in Surrey

    Waidmanns Heil! This should let you know that, though a 'Lambeth Lad', much of my hunting has been in Germany and Austria or with German and Austrian friends in Scotland and in US. My main rifles are a .270 Parker Hale, No. 4 in .303 and an SSG69 (7.62). There are quite a few deer here in...