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  1. Labrador gun shy

    Help needed I have a 15 month old golden Labrador bitch Which has not been spayed she is very good at retrieving and very loyal a real one man dog. She weighs 28kg. But she is gun shy and I have never had a dog that is gun shy so I am lost at what to do ? Advice needed please.
  2. Red Hind Stalking

    Hi Looking for some Red Hind Stalking later in the year for two with own rifles. Any Recommendations ? and for B&B or Hotels for the stay? Many Thanks
  3. Just say hello to your guys!

    Good morning, you guys. Nice to be one member here. Hope to learn from your hunting experience and share stories. Tks.:D
  4. Does any one use this gun shop

    Just wondered if any one has used Whittlesey Gun shop ? The reason I ask is I have used it twice but I don't if it is just me but the reception that you get when you go in is cold and when trying to buy some thing is like pulling teeth. The first time I went in and spent £1200.00 and today went...
  5. Just a long shot

    As the tittle says. If any one in the Norfolk area knows any one in need of any Deer ,foxing or rabbit control etc etc I know its a long shot but just thought its worth a go. Thanks shrek1