1. nicowilson

    NGO Game Meat Hygiene Course - 2 May 2015

    Is anyone from here going to tomorrow's course?
  2. H

    NGO Deer meeting & AGM - Certainly going now have you seen the speakers?

    I posted about the NGO Deer AGM and thought I might go. I see that they have updated the speakers on the website National Gamekeepers' Organisation | Deer Branch | 2013 AGM They have a speaker from the Forestry Commission giving an update on the new deer control licenses and when the next...
  3. H

    Dog Tracking Day - NGO

    The NGO are running a Dogs for Deer day in Berkshire in March - I am going to go to see if I can pick any new ideas up. It should be a good day. I got the information from the NGO website and have booked my place NGO Deer Branch | Introduction to tracking deer with dogs They are also holding...