night scope

  1. Sold: Pulsar digex c50 & IR

    Excellent condition, only used a handful of times. Purchased feb 22, been sat on the shelf for the last 9 months as I’m doing less night shooting now. Stream vision 2 Wi-Fi. Comes with all original accessories, bag and box. Current rrp £1239 with ir Looking for £800 posted UK ono
  2. Sold: Mars lt thermal scope. £500

    Atn mars lt thermal scope, 4-8x. Great scope but I bought it to see if thermal was for me or not, now time to upgrade. Bought Jan/Feb of this year, comes with picatinny QD mounts. I've killed out to 250m with it but really it's best suited for out to 150m. Looking for £700 posted, but open...
  3. For Sale: PARD 008P

    We have a stock of PARD 008P’s (Previous generation to the current model) Non LRF Complete with warranty. Excellent, widely used and affordable NV devices. Clearance offer £549 delivered. 007V 16mm’s in stock at discounted price too!!
  4. For Sale: HIK ALPEX A50

    Wet and Windy Weekend Deal HIK Alpex Night Vision Scope and IR The new HikMicro Alpex day and night scope, provides full HD imaging, with amazing low light performance. Housed within a traditional 30mm tube design. SPECIFICATION Sensor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Display OLED Frame Rate: 50Hz...
  5. Selling boar meat for money!

    Hello all, I have posted once before so I am hoping this will now post! I am looking to earn some extra cash and I live in the Forest of Dean and know there are bags of money running around with big tusks and four legs (boar!) I have a great understanding of the forest and know where the boar...
  6. Shooting Sports Magazine: Pulsar Night Vision Review

    Hello all. Shooting Sports magazine have just reviewed the Pulsar Challenger GS DSA Night Vision kit in this months magazine. If you want to have a little read of their findings you can do so below. Of course NV is restricted for use for vermin control, but as a lot of the forum users do more...