night shooting

  1. dmouland

    Best scope with Archer?

    Hi all, Seen similar older posts but as scope tech keeps moving on, thought I would ask the question now. Looking along the lines of: Zeiss V4 with 3 or 4 x starting mag with a 56 lens or Swarovski z6 (non ill) 2.5 - 15 with a 56 lens or Schmidt bender 2.5- 10 x 56 (classic type) Now...
  2. O

    For Sale: Night vision add on - ultralight wireless 2'' display kit

    Hi, I am glad to introduce my newest Night Vision Spotter / Add on kit just from 349 GBP: Ultralight and compact; 2'' or 5'' wireless display; Simple operation - just press on/off buttons on camera and monitor; 200 - 300 m good visibility range with included 5W IR 850nm (depends on scope); Add...
  3. dmouland

    Sold: Photon RT nv scope and Burris XTR mounts with inserts

    Photon RT Nightvision digital scope. 6 x 50 model with onboard recording and magnification of 6 x and 12 x. Comes with original box and booklet, great working condition. Comes with Burris XTR mounts and inserts (Allows additional elevation if required) . They come as a set, not splitting...
  4. dmouland

    Sold: Torch factory T38 in red LED and EVO 75 in green LED - lamping

    For Sale: Torch factory T38 in red LED and EVO 75 in green LED. Great torches - The T38 is a good gun mountable LED torch and the EVO 75 is a great LED scanning torch. Torches only - great working condition. Looking for £50 posted. New the T38 was £24 and the Evo 75 was over £40, so posted...
  5. G

    Deer in thick cover.

    Hi Folks. The woodland manager that looks after the estate were I have permission to shoot is giving me a hard time over the amount of damage being done to mature larch and fir. I know there is a large amount of red deer in the woodland but the problem is that there is no way of shooting...