night vision accessories

New Avon Arms
  1. Sold: Led IR torches

    Hi all, due to upgrade I have these up for sale. top one : A laserluchs 5000 all working but the on off switch is a bit sticky. £100 posted middle one is SOLD SOLD SOLD bottom one a ultra fire T 20 £20 posted. All work BUT NO battery’s Open to offers on all of them.
  2. For Sale: ** New Improved** SIRIUS XTL IR TORCH & QD MOUNT

    # New Improved Version Available # • Tail Switch illumination for easy on off indication • • Rats Tail Available for remote switching -also (illuminated) Your old model can also be updated with the above modifications - quick turn around. Irlightbuilds - Sirius XTL IR torch A perfect...
  3. Mosinmush

    Hi There Been shooting for years stopped for a few years but started up again 4 years ago. Have a vast collection of various firearms. In here for info and looking for a Dr Bob's doubler for my night vision..
The Lucky Hunter