night vision

  1. Sold: Pard NV007V 16mm NV Rear Add On

    Pard NV007V 16mm Rear Add On Night Vision For Sale I bought this earlier this year in Jan/Feb from a local rfd, Haven't used it at all surplus to requirements, Boxed with all accessories, manual etc as shown, UK Mainland Sales Only I will deliver this to buyers address or meet at your local...
  2. For Sale: Pard nv008

    I have my pard nv008 for sale, it has the latest frame wear installed £360
  3. For Sale: 2 x ATN ABL 1500

    2 x ATN ABL 1500 Both great condition: Complete with: * Central mounting kit * Additional battery (1 per ABL) Both bought direct from ATN summer 2023. I had one on my NV unit and one on my Thermal but realised that all my quarry is no further than 150 yards, so these were overkill / not needed...
  4. Sold: HikMicro Alpex Night Vision Scope(Whole Package)

    HikMicro Alpex Night Vision Scope MORE INFORMATION:- HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator HM-A50T Night Vision 600m 1024x768 OLED 4x 3x 50mm -30/+40°C 50HZ 1920x1080 Key Feature: Reticle will now re-centre when increasing magnification. SPECIFICATION:- Max...
  5. Sold: HIK ALPEX nightvision scope S/H £585

    As above NOW SOLD 3 months old Very good condition Fits in 30mm rings. 3.5 - 14 x magnification. Comes boxed with IR torch. £585 posted. Personal sale
  6. Sold: Mars lt thermal scope. £500

    Atn mars lt thermal scope, 4-8x. Great scope but I bought it to see if thermal was for me or not, now time to upgrade. Bought Jan/Feb of this year, comes with picatinny QD mounts. I've killed out to 250m with it but really it's best suited for out to 150m. Looking for £700 posted, but open...
  7. Sold: Pard NV007A

    Pard nv unit, it's the 12mm lower zoom but I found that better... Great little unit I was killing foxes out to 250, also works with dial up scopes well. Had it on a 5-25x56. Comes with- Pard unit. 42-45mm collar. O rings Shims Allen key Battery's and charger.(which they don't when new 🙄🙄)...
  8. Sold: Pulsar Digex N450 £495

    As above - pre-owned. Very good condition 2 x APS 2 batteries X850 IR and mount Box £495 inc courior.
  9. Sold: Tracer IR LEDRAY 400

    Tracer IR torch for use with NV LEDRAY 400 850nm With picatinny mount as it comes in package. £30 posted
  10. For Sale: PARD 008P

    We have a stock of PARD 008P’s (Previous generation to the current model) Non LRF Complete with warranty. Excellent, widely used and affordable NV devices. Clearance offer £549 delivered. 007V 16mm’s in stock at discounted price too!!
  11. Night vision add on test

    Looking to test an add on before I buy or go for a dedicated scope. Anyone around Chelmsford, Essex with an add on I can have a look at?
  12. NV IR Torch Recommendations

    I have an Infiray TD50L NV scope, the IR torch with it is obviously rubbish. What torches to people recommend? I gather there is a difference with scope needed either LED or laser, I'm not sure of the difference. It is for foxing so needs to stretch out to 300m.
  13. Sold: £2000 thermal LRF 684 x 512

    HIK GRYPHON GQ50L PRO full 3 year warranty with UK based company HIK. Only weeks old. Boxed with paperwork and original receipt. 640 x 512 and 12 um. 2600m detection. 2.9 to 23 x magnification. Rangefinder. Thermal, optical camera (1920 x 1080p) that can be paired with an IR for NV or...
  14. Sold: Pard nv019 immaculate, boxed

    Pard nv019 for sale. £150 posted. Boxed and pretty much unused, optics are unmarked. I bought it and not long after that I got a thermal so it has been out maybe twice. Purchased from blackwood outdoors originally.
  15. Wanted: looking for a pard 007 Swarovski mount

    anyone selling the pard mount to go over the swarovski scope please
  16. For Sale: Syntong HT-60 LRF 6.5-13 night vision scope £OFFERS

    For sale In good used condition Built in IR and laser range finder , 6.5-13 zoom Runs on a single 18650 battery Can record photos / video to SD card Laser range finder makes air gun or long range night shooting much easier. Includes original case collection from Hereford or postage can be...
  17. Sold: Pulsar Thermion scope £1685

    Pulsar Thermion XM30 thermal scope 3.5 -14 x magnification Detection range of 1325 meters 2 years 7 months warranty. 30mm tube Boxed Great saving on new £1685 posted (RRP £2150) Personal sale
  18. Sold: Photon RT night vision scope £230

    6 - 12 x mag Nv scope, ring mounted. On-board IR In-built recording Tested and zeroed. £230 posted
  19. Sold: Pard NV008 LRF for sale

    Hi all, after much deliberation I’ve decided to sell my pard set up. It was a present to my self Christmas 2019. It’s the original version with a operational laser and decent IR it comes with the original mount, a eagle vision adjustable mount, lens cover, 4 batteries and 2 battery charger. This...
  20. Sold: PBIR torch (Quality ir torch for night vision)

    I have for sale a PBIR torch purchased from Paul Baker at PBIR. I am not sure whether it is the S or X model ( Paul upgraded it for me so I am guessing it is the X). Those in the know can probably tell from the coding on the IR pill - Osram/Oslon /804087/ Bergouist Beam strength is variable to...