1. For Sale: .308 brass

    I was going to home load, bought a £30 lee load kit. De-primed some brass and got bored at that. Hence, the brass is now for sale. 61 x Federal Classic (still primed) Once fired - £20 + £2.80 postage 24 x Federal Classic (de-primed) Once fired - £10 + £2.00 postage 12 x Norma Once fired - £4...
  2. looking for 270 norma ammo boxes.

    good evening all, I am looking to get a hold of 5 boxes of 270 win just the boxes and inserts preferably 150gr. thanks for reading.
  3. For Sale: 60x Norma 222Remington 50grain - Face to Face only

    Hi guys, I have 60x Norma 222 Remington factory rounds for sale. They are 50 grain soft point. Face to face only. I am based in Gloucestershire, grab yourself a bargain at £50
  4. For Sale: Norma 270 Brass

    Change of calibre so have the following available: c.100 new Norma cases - £50 delivered - sold c. 80 1xfired Norma cases - £30 delivered - sold (these two are both from the same batch of brass) c.100 Norma (one batch) - mixture of 1xfired, neck sized & primed or 2xfired, neck-sized & spent...