1. F

    Looking for butchers in Cheshire who would prepare carcass

    Hi, I'm a novice stalker hoping to get a bit of advice. I'm going on a guided Muntjac and CWD stalk in March and want to bring back the carcass for the freezer. I live near Chester and wondered if anyone knew any butchers in the area who would take and prepare a carcass for me? Cheers, John
  2. B

    Wanted: DSC1 Newby looking for experience

    Hi, ive had a bit of a negative response to this same request on FB, mainly from people with bad attitude & not a true reflection of the majority of people I have met in the sport to date. (I find any negativity a tad baffling, when new blood is always important in any industry). Anyway, you...
  3. J

    Another novice!

    Hi Everyone I live near Aylesbury, Bucks, and have recently taken to stalking. The original purpose was to find a field sport cheaper than game shooting, although I have quickly discovered that this won't be easy when starting almost from scratch! I have shot game since a boy and enjoy almost...
  4. B

    Do you need SNOW CAMO for the hill in January

    HI everyone Another 'Novice' question, do you need to wear some sort of 'Snow' type camo on the hill (obviously when it is snowing). There is a very small chance that I might get up to Scotland for a chance to get after some Red, just wondering if its needed and if so, what the more experienced...
  5. B

    Should a novice choose a flatter shooting calibre for their one and only rifle???

    Once again I'm looking to learn from the collective wisdom of SD members, please help? I have been looking at the 6.5x55 SWE as an all round calibre (will probably only ever have one stalking rifle) and know this is a bit of a hot potato on SD forum and it is often a lively debate that follows...
  6. B

    Leupold vx -3L 4.5 -14x50 some stupid questions please help!!!!

    Hi guys Some stupid questions regarding these scopes, firstly I'm new to stalking and have yet to purchase my first rifle. I'm looking at a tikka T3 6.5x55 and I'm really keen on this style of scope as all of the estate rifles I've borrow I've found that I'm stretching to look down the scope in...
  7. Virbius

    New dog, new owner

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good book or two for some light reading for a novice dog owner? We will be getting a bitch at 8 weeks old from a friend who is very close and will help out, but want to do some background reading.
  8. B

    Hawke scopes? Has any try these or have any experience with them???

    Hi SD peeps Does anyone have strong feelings about the use of Hawke Scopes, I have enough budget to get a basic leupold/ziess but am i just paying for the name at the lower end of market?? Hawke Optics UK | Hawke Riflescopes Thanks Bladerunner
  9. J

    Wanted: Stalking experience advice.

    Hello everybody, Quick bit of background, Im a 20 year old who has a DSC level 1 and I've just bought my first .243. However I have a problem! In September I'm going into the navy as a mine clearance diver, I was planning on doing a BASC cull week on the Isle of Arran, but that has squashed...
  10. C

    My first!!!

    Hi all as I said in the introduction to the forum I'm a novice to deer stalking and have only dipped a toe into what has now become as my wife puts it "an obsession", I'm an Oxfordshire lad through and through and until I was in my early 20's had never seen a rifle let alone picked one up which...
  11. N

    Anyone near Glasgow ...?

    Hi everyone, this site has been recommended to me by a friend. I'm new to stalking (have completed a couple of accompanied stalks recently) but am not new to rifles (7 years in the army) or fields ports (a lifetime of pigeon shooting, rabbiting of all kinds and fly-fishing). I'm just starting...
  12. T

    Wanted: Roe buck stalking

    Hi new to cambridge/newmarket area, and really want to get stalking, i have not had much experience but looking for someone who is keen to take out a novice. I dont have a deer caliber rifle yet however. Would be keen to pay, but working on a budget, or will help in any other way i can to repay...
  13. R

    Wanted: Roe Buck stalking for novice, Central Scotland.

    Hey, just wondering if there's anyone nearby willing to take a novice out.(Perthshire, Fife areas.) I have some experiance with rifles, new to stalking tho. Cheers.
  14. Buckbones

    Available: Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag

    DAY TAKEN Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag I have anopportunity for a novice/beginner deerstalker to undertake a beginner’s course in red deer management that will include the culling of a large red stag 10 point plus as part of the day. THE CULLING OF THIS...
  15. Welsh Guy

    Newbie says Hi

    Hi. My names is Guy and I am originally from just outside Cardiff though now living amidst the deer and boar of the Forest of Dean. I picked up my 1st gun aged 9 and mainly used the 12 bore, But finally got my FAC through about a year ago and have been going after the local rabbits and...