nv power

  1. For Sale: Pulsar Argus LRF G2+ 4X60 - £1250.00

    Comes as in the pictures. Customer hasn't used it much. Recently upgraded to Thermal. Pulsar Argus LRF G2+ 4X60 £2230.00 new - £1250.00 our price.
  2. External power supply for nv & thermal imaging

    http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/3/0/4/3/4/6/webimg/889031011_o.jpg Prolong the usable time of your NV or Thermal imaging Scope or Monocular .By 5 or more times as long 4400MAH , 4.4AH Small compact lots of Power .Will also top up your rechargeable batteries . Never loose power when needed ...