once fired

  1. Treedave

    For Sale: 7mm-08 brass

    60 once fired PPU brass. Came as Fox factory ammo used for shooting on forestry commission land. Will be de-primed before posting. £45 delivered.
  2. dmouland

    Wanted: .222 sako brass

    .222 Sako brass wanted. New or once fired is fine. Please give me a PM if you have any for sale
  3. L

    Wanted: Wanted - 308 Brass. Once or Twice fired please

    Hi, Just getting into reloading and looking for some once or twice fired .308 brass. Looking for around 100 / 150 cases if possible. Happy to send payment via paypal. Many thanks
  4. paulbshooting

    For Sale: 308 once fired SAKO brass, 200 total qty or 100 qty lots

    Hello, I have 200 off once fired brass in 308, all from 150 grain factory bought SAKO Superhammerhead ammo. Selling in two lots, £25 per 100 qty inc postage (mainland only) or £55 for 200 total qty again including postage. Thanks :)