optilock bases

  1. Sold: Price Drop - Optilock Bases and Rings 34mm - low. Unused, complete and boxed.

    Price Drop Unused, complete and still boxed. Set of Optilock stainless steel bases and matching phosphatised rings. Bases are Sako Short fitment. Stainless steel. See photos of packet below for suitable applications inc Sako 75 and Sako 85. Rings are 34mm - low height. Refer to photos below...
  2. Wanted: Optilock Tikka 11mm bases

    Wanted 11mm dovetail Optilock bases to fit Tikka T1x If anyone wants to sell. Cheers
  3. Sold: Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with Bases. Medium Height.

    For sale: 1 pair of Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with 3cm long bases and liners. Medium height (1cm) - suitable for scopes with upto 50mm objectives. Very good condition. Taken off my short action (.222) Sako 75 as I've now changed to a picatinny rail. Suitable for use with Sako 85. £85 inc P&P...