1. For Sale: Hatsan Optima Silver Synthetic 12G O/U - £325.00

    Hi! Here is my listing for a Hatsan Optima Silver Synthetic 12G Over Under. Only used at clays periodically and still has tight action! Don't see these for sale often so thought someone else may be after one rather than sitting in my cabinet! Reasonably priced at £325 with 5 chokes...
  2. Sold: Beretta Ultralight Gold 12 Bore MC £1225

    Beretta Ultralight Gold 12 Bore MC 28” A fine well cared for example of what is a very sought after lightweight 12 bore O/U This particular item has been seldom used in the past 4 years with very light use prior to that. Cased with all point of sale accessories including 5 chokes, key £1225...