1. Glemham Hall Shoot

    Please take a look at our website for dates, prices and availability
  2. Syndicate places and single guns for pheasant and partridge shooting 2016

    Good morning everyone! I have syndicate places available at our beautiful shoot in Suffolk, Little Glemham. This is for 3 days shooting each for 200 birds based on 9 guns spread out through the season. Please PM me for prices and dates or comment below and I shall contact you. Prices include...
  3. Available: Improve your shooting and improve your shoot management

    Shooting for theFuture A joint venture between the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and BASC. This 2 day course aims to improve your shooting and improve your shoot management. The next event is being held at the Allerton Project Visitor Centre in Loddington, Leicestershire on the 6th and...
  4. Tray feeders - what height?

    Our wheat supply is , like I suspect many others, a fairly mixed lot with plenty of chaff in it that seems to be designed to block spring feeders. We introduced tray feeders a couple of years ago and this resulted in a lot less work clearing springs of bits of wheat stalk etc., a more...