1. Sold: AYA Number 4 Ejector 12B lovely

    An AYA number 4 side by side boxlock 12Bore Ejector model - both tested and functional. Recent proof - 2019. Great bores, all clean and no pits.. no issues there. Clean. Much of the original colour-case hardening remains. Most bluing remaining and a deep dark blue. Odd missing patch near...
  2. Swap: Quality Cornish driven Pheasant

    Hello all, I am a long-standing member of a very well established shoot in mid Cornwall. This season I am looking to swap a seriously good days pheasant shooting for Red, Sika, Fallow, CWD, or Munty stalking. I’ve plenty of Roe stalking available to me locally so I am looking to swap a day for...
  3. For Sale: Shooting seat

    Personal sale Old fashioned shooting seat that sticks into the ground. Metal and leather. Seen better days bit functions as intended. Good for the pigeon hide if you get achy legs on a bad day! £25 posted Now £17 posted
  4. Hi

    Dale from East Anglia. Do a lot of pigeon & rabbit shooting, but don’t get much! 😂 Waiting on my FA licence to come through and trying to get a day/night scope in the meantime
  5. Farm Yard feral pigeon edible?

    As the title says are farm Yard pigeons edible? Not the ones you would see in London etc they have just been feeding in the yard, I have must be around 15 that need gone I'm just wondering is there any good meat on them as in tasty meat?
  6. For Sale: Canvis shotgun 12b cartridge belt

    As above £12 posted. May be of use to someone
  7. For Sale: Leather shotgun slips

    1 x vintage padded leather slip, needs zip repair. £25 posted. 1 x thin leather slip, top entry with fastening buckle. £17.50 posted.
  8. Bargain Pigeon shooting masterclass book Now £100 not £189

  9. Wanted: vermon control in staffordshire

    Hi everyone, just found out that the land I and others shoot over in Scotland has been leased to a higher bidder and we are loosing it in two mouths, is there anyone able to help. would be most grateful to any ideas. Experienced shot, mature (young 50yr) with all relevant certificates...
  10. Wanted: Rabbit, fox, pigeon in Bulford/Tidworth/Amesbury region

    Hello Id be interested in any opportunities for rabbit and fox control, especially on game shoots where members do not have the time/resources. Also pigeon opportunities. Im in the Tidworth area, but am able and willing to travel. Rifle and shotgun. Thanks
  11. Wanted: Pigeon Shooting wanted (Herefordshire/Welsh Borders/Gloucestershire)

    Please can anyone recommend a guide in any of the above area? I am looking for some pigeon shooting throughout the Summer and prefer using a guide but will look at any option. Many thanks.
  12. Wanted: Pigeon Shooting Bath/Chippenham Area

    I've just moved into the area and am looking for pigeon and vermin shooting (shotgun) in the Bath/Chippenham area. I am fully am a insured BASC member with over 20 years experience in field shooting and have been professionally involved in firearms for 17 years. All rules and boundaries...