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    Reloading a .308Win with 150g Hornady Interlock ST and Hodgdon Varget. The hornady manual states 35.9g to 44.9g of varget powder. The Hodgdon datasheet for a 150g BT bullet 44.0g to 47g. while the Interlock bullet is not a BT I am surprised at the weight of powder difference. This is not the...
  2. MikeZZZ

    For Sale: Reloading bits

    Having a clear out of unwanted/unused reloading items: RCBS M500 Mechanical scale NEW. £75 RCBS Advanced Powder Measure Stand NEW. £20 RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure NEW £85 Lee Improved Powder Measure Kit. NEW £8 All items plus Postage. Can collect Chepstow or meet from Bristol M4 to Oxford.
  3. T

    Sold: Hornady Lock n Load Auto Charge Powder Dispenser

    I have one of the above for sale new and unopened. Plenty is written on this product on the web including the detailed instructional video on You Tube. The cheapest I can find one knows the web is £237 plus post I would like to see £220 all in for this. As it is unopened it would make a great...
  4. C

    For Sale: Charles Heckman powder measure

    Charles Heckman 502 powder measure with large and small measures. The large measure will throw up to 95gr, the small will throw up to 25gr of dense powder. The hopper will hold up to 1/2lb of powder. £90 posted