1. Sold: .243 Full reloading kit - £300 - EH47 pick up

    Full loading kit for sale .243 Calibre. I have a huge amount kit, all you’ll ever need and more, even a tumbling machine and medium for cleaning the rounds...the last photo (in the comments) is a list of the kit, including the Lyman bible...pick up in EH47, West Lothian as it’s too heavy to post...

    Kit Includes: • Partner Press • M500 Mechanical Scale • Case Lube Pad • Case Lube—2 • Universal Case Load Block • Case Neck Brushes • .17-.60 Debur Tool • Accessory Handle—2 • Powder Funnel • Nosler #7 Reloading Manual £230 posted

    Press Type: Single Stage Frame Material: Cast Iron Frame Design: O-Frame Frame Offset: Frame Opening Size: Handle Location: Bottom Right or Left hand Die Size Accepted: Standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and 1-1/4"-12 dies with bushing removed Die Bushing Accepted: Yes Die Bushing Brand Used...
  4. Problem with RCBS Press

    Hey guys, Just picked up a new RCBS Press from Sportsman in Newport, brought it home and set it up on my work bench but have trouble with getting the shell holder into the slot on the ram! Any ideas? I have both a RCBS shell holder and a Lee universal holder and neither will fit!
  5. Overview of the Reloading Process - From Spent Case to Loaded Round

    This is intended as an overview of the reloading process explaining the steps required to turn spent brass cases into new loaded rounds. It is aimed at those people who are unfamiliar with the reloading process but if any old hands want to chip in with alternative suggestions then please do - I...