1. J

    Carcass Butchery Price

    Hello Everyone, what is the price range for having a roe carcass butchered? Assuming I'd like some pork fat and spice added to the sausages and also that there will be steaks and roasts cut, no burgers. All would be vac packed.
  2. Krabryn

    Wanted: Save Money on Big Ticket Purchases Across the Eurozone!

    I hope that the title is sufficiently attractive to attract plenty of interest, as is intended. In the UK, we are also in Europe, with recognized trade agreements with fellow Eurozone partners. (But, as David Cameron's speech today referred to, it has its issues!) What experience do...
  3. S

    Syndicate - what is good value

    Hi, I have never been part of a syndicate but will need to consider it if I am to expand my stalking. What represents good value and what to be wary of, can somebody offer me some advice?