1. Sold: 6 UK Deer Species Framed Print

    A colour print, looks to be on quality paper with a decent frame. Size 53x43cm £45 posted
  2. Identify the prints/tracks

    Any takers to spot the tracks? I Spotted these in the snow I can definitely say we have mice and can see the fox, moorhen and maybe seagull tracks. But do any look like muntjac? I can see what looks like fox but then different size gap prints on the right hand side, was it running away or is it...
  3. A Quick Plug of my Wife' business.

    Everything at Handmade Highland is made or printed by hand in a work shop by one person. There are no elves helping in these processes just one pixie who is a mother of 4 amazing children that have learning difficulties. The workshop is based slap bang in the middle of the Highlands surrounded...
  4. Managed to drop the prices for Deer and Field Sports Prints

    We found another local supplier to do our printing, and because he's local, we have been able to drop the price of our prints significantly! The prints will be supplied on Hahnemühle fine art papers ensuring you get the very best quality of reproduction. If you have a commission of a pet done...