1. Using rangefinder as binoculars while scouting for deers?

    So in Finland it is almost time for roe deer spring buck hunt. I need to do some optics investment and was wondering if anyone is using rangefinder to spot deers? I have option to buy used Leica rangefinder with ballistics or Steiner binoculars with rangefinder. Steiner is almost 900€ used and...
  2. For Sale: ATN ABL 1500

    ATN ABL 1500 Complete with: * Central mounting kit * Additional battery Bought direct from ATN summer 2023. Quick sale, hence the price as I've just bought new standard scope! £150.
  3. Sold: ***Price Drop*** Nikon Aculon Rangefinder (Dark Green) AL11 - £35 Posted

    Acquisition of a second pair of rangefinding binoculars forces the sale of my trusty Nikon Aculon AL11 6x20 dark green range finder. You can see Amazon reviews here: And a review here: Nikon Aculon Rangefinder Review Its fully functional, boxed with case, lanyard and instruction manual and...
  4. Sold: Pulsar Thermal cheap

    https://www.thomasjacks.co.uk/pulsar/product/4653/Axion_2_LRF_XG35 1 month old, so basically full warranty. Boxed, carry case, battery, papers, excellent condition, no issues. And a Pulsar sling/lanyard. £2275!! (Rrp is £2629) Over £300 saving on new. 640 core unlike the XQ range, so the...
  5. Sold: Zeiss Victory rangefinder

    Private sale Zeiss Victory T* PRF rangefinding monocular 8 x 26 Laser Rangefinder upto 1200m Zeiss T lens coating and Locu-Tech coating Great as rangefinder and spotter With Zeiss carry case Functional with battery included (takes CR2 3v x 1) £300 posted (Rrp was £600 when new)
  6. For Sale: AKAH 8X42 LRF BINOCULARS £599.00

    AKAH 8X42 LRF BINOCULARS £599.00 https://rmacleod.co.uk/akah-8x42-lrf-1200-001562/
  7. For Sale: EX DEMO SWAROVSKI DS 5-25X52 4A-I CAT: 1 (AS NEW) FULL WARRANTY £2695.00

    EX DEMO SWAROVSKI DS 5-25X52 4A-I CAT: 1 (AS NEW) FULL WARRANTY £2695.00 https://rmacleod.co.uk/ex-demo-swarovski-ds-5-25x52-4a-i-cat-1-as-new-full-warranty-001069/
  8. Rabbit Sizes For Rangefinder

    Hi All, Wondering if you can help me... I have a rangefinder which works well when you have measurements of a quarry and as I am using this for Rabbit control (various sizes) with a NV scope it can be difficult to judge distance on a .22 Air Rifle - Wondering if anyone knew approximate...
  9. For Sale: KAHLES HELIA RF 8X42 NOW ONLY £1049.99

    KAHLES HELIA RF 8X42 NOW ONLY £1049.99 https://rmacleod.co.uk/kahles-helia-rf-8x42-000306/
  10. Sold: Bushnell Arc 1600 LRF with inbuilt ballistics calculator

    Hi guys, I no longer have a need for this so rather than it collect dust I've decided to sell it. It's surprisingly good glass for the money and the accuracy of the LRF is great. I've never had a problem ranging with this and it's always been reliable. The LCD inside is illuminated red and...
  11. Advice please re Rangefinders

    Hi all I am looking for a new rangefinder out to 700/1000 Mtrs would like something small and compact and good quality ! What advice can you give please?
  12. Any rangefinder monoculars out there that...

    Have a minimum magnification of ideally 10x Can range to 1100m Have a good objective diameter of say 30mm or larger Cost less than £500? The Zeiss PRF is excellent and Swaro Laser Guide looks good but I'd like something with a bit more magnification (and ideally a bit cheaper). Any help...
  13. Improvement to laser rangefinder with home made eye cup

    I was unable to find any replacements for the perished eye cups for my mum's old binoculars so ended up making some. They worked out okay and while making them I realised that I could improve my rangefinder with one. A great improvement, you can use it one handed now. Before it was a bit...