red deer

  1. Tulloch

    Available: Syndicate Places Available Highlands Of Scotland

    Hey all I have available a number of placements at varied prices within the North and Northeast of Scotland. Locations include premium woodland stalking in Sutherland, Morayshire and Ross-Shire. All places require DSC - FAC (Scottish Deer Legal Calibre) and Insurance (BASC-SACS is suffice)...
  2. Alphaandomega

    Red Dawn

    One steely eye opens to the sight of Venus making her sentinel voyage across a 6am sky, tawny owl announces the dawn of an epiphany. Cover thrown back, cloaked in camo coat, binoculars slung over shoulders and a hit to the hip confirms a hunting knife. A touch to the temple of a mighty fallen...

    RED DEER Calling in the Rut Turkey Sept 2018

  4. Glen Cadwallader

    Available: Syndicate places Grampian/Highland/Lochaber Available

    Hi All, We have 37 sites currently under sporting syndicate, places available now and then at renewals, prices vary from £500 to £5000 per gun and sites vary from 250 acres to 10000+ RED, ROE & SIKA We sold 12 guns las week on 7 new sites and have new sites pending in the next two weeks...
  5. J

    Swap: Wanted UK hunting - Avail great NZ hunting

    Hi all, bit of along shot but worth putting it out there I thought. The family farm in New Zealand has access to and backs onto public mountains/alps with red deer, tahr, chamois, ducks, geese, trout and salmon. It's pretty remote type hunting in alpine mountains when you get up top but a...
  6. Blaser R93

    Deer stalking October 2017

    Me and my misses contacted sikamalc for deer stalking in Scotland. After a good conversation at the chat, we confirmed our booking to shoot Sika and Red deer. We arrived in Scotland on the 8th of October by plane and we were warmly welcomed by Tom, one of the stalkers. He took us to the house...
  7. SaOsborne

    Extracting Red deer, advice needed.

    I have an opportunity to cull red deer on some really rough Spruce forestry. A number of animals need to be culled. The issue I have is extraction. I have held off for a year gathering kit to ensure I can do the stalking justice. I have a petrol capstan winch and deer sled. I can get access...
  8. T

    Available: 2 x Syndicate Places Available - Red Deer, Isle of Arran

    Hi all, We have 2 syndicate places available (Total of 3 in the syndicate as a whole) for red deer stalking on approx 850 acres on the Isle of Arran. Would suit two mates, the ground is hill stalking so a degree of fitness will be required. For further details please contact me via email at...

    Wanted: Stalking Lease or Syndicate Place Gloucestershire or Wiltshire

    Hi Guys Looking for a Lease or Syndicate Place .Was on the Cornbury Estate Syndicate for 5 Years . Work with any Management Policy in Place . Leased Minal Estate Stalking previously. Looking for somewhere interesting. 1 to 6 stalkers to suit Ground. Roe Muntjack Fallow Have access to good...
  10. D

    Introduction (Northern Ireland)

    Hello, Where do you start. 29, From Northern Ireland. Always had an interest in deer stalking from a young age, being out with my dad creeping about the forests at stupid o clock in the morning. (still out at stupid o clock - 4:30am left the house at last saturday :cuckoo:) Had an excellent...
  11. E

    Red Deer Ammo Suitability Survey

    Hi As per my introduction I`m a student , my dissertation is questioning the suitability of the legal minimum calibre /energy required for stalking or culling Red Deer , I've set up a survey and would appreciate it if stalkers would complete the questionnaire and also pass any opinions they...

    Available: FEB 2016 17th Fly Spain Monteria Red Stags ,Hinds ,Mouflon Wild Boar High Volume

    Monteria available Spain Fly 17th Feb 2016 fly to Madrid , Easy Jet shoot 18th 19th £1800 or 18th 19th 20th £3000 Can also shoot a Driven Wild Boar Monteria on 21st if you would like to £500 13 British Guys are going mainly the 3 day Monteria. Safe Gun layout using Google Earth Maps . Excellent...

    Available: Driven Wild Boar , Mouflon ,Red Stags & Hinds Monteria Spain 2,3, Days 17th FEB 2016

    Monteria available Spain Fly 17th Feb 2016 fly to Madrid , Easy Jet shoot 18th 19th £1800 or 18th 19th 20th £3000 Can also shoot a Driven Wild Boar Monteria on 21st if you would like to £500 13 British Guys are going mainly the 3 day Monteria. Safe Gun layout using Google Earth Maps . Excellent...
  14. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Deer Stalking Equipment

    We have a lot of roe stalking equipment in our online shop. All prices include VAT. Light weight folding gambrel - £16.00 Light Weight Folding Gambrel ideal for Red Deer, Sika, Fallow, Roe, CWD & Muntjac. 10mm diameter stainless steel bar 14" point to point Weight 550gms Perfect for suspended...
  15. S

    BASC Arran 2015/2016

    How many on this group managed to book a place on the BASC Arran scheme and will it be you first time or are you a regular on the scheme?
  16. P

    Wanted: Red Stag and Sika Stag - 2015 Season

    Gents Can anyone recommend a decent place on the west coast of Scotland for both Red Stag [Hill] and Sika Stag [Woodland] for later this year? Thanks P
  17. Carpathian deer

    Greetings everybody

    Greetings everybody from Transylvania(Romania) My name is Banucu Ioan and by profession I am forester and hunter. I joined to formum because I would like to share some information about the game of the Carpathian mountains and I would like to know more about the different deer species that live...
  18. M

    Deer behaviour questions (red and roe)

    So, here are a couple of questions about deer behaviour, stemming from two things that puzzled me over the last season... plus my guesses (never know, I might have hit the mark). Would be very interested to hear what people think. 1. Roe - why do they sometimes bark when they spot you and...

    Available: MONTERIA SPAIN 3 Trips Available Nov 2015 Dec 2015 and Feb 2016 Driven Deer Boar

    Dropbox - Drone (1).wmv Click on the link for GO PRO DRONE FOOTAGE We are going on 3 Monterias in SPAIN next season . Last trip we shot 586 in 3 days between 25 ,25 ,and 31 Guns and amazing experience. If you own an estate in Spain for every 4000 hectars you have you can drive it...
  20. RuralLondoner

    Hunting trip in NZ

    Hi, I went on a 5 day hunting trip with Josh James - Kiwi Bushman. It was the greatest experience ever. Here are the links to funny, informative and interesting videos that document our adventures for those interested. J Part 1: 5 day hunting mission. Part 1 - YouTube Part 2: 5 day guided...