red dot

  1. Sold: 3 - 12 x 50 Hawke Endurance 30 Ret L4 Illuminated with rings

    Great used scope with a crisp centre illuminated dot, the L4 reticle The illuminated controls are on a turret opposite the windage turret on the other side of the tube. A great scope for a air rifle, a rimfire or even a centre fire. 30mm tube Parallax fixed at 100 yards Comes with dovetail...
  2. Aimpoint red dot sights H34s or H30L Great for Driven Wild Boar special offer £499 delivered 2MOA
  3. Wanted: Nice little pistol scope or red dot

    1x or 2x max, old type glossy finish if possible with duplex ret.. May even take a nice red dot with dovetail rail only.. Not looking to spend loads, but will consider what's offered and make a decision from there. Inbox me please
  4. Sold: Aimpoint Micro T-1

    Selling my Aimpoint T-1 red dot and LaRue LT751 mount I as never really use it. It’s boxed, with original, tools, bikini covers and rail mount. It’s always lived in a rubber IO cover and as such in pretty much as new condition. Looking for £400, LaRue mount sold separately. Also for sale...