1. Sold: Redding Model 2 Bullet & Powder Scale

    Redding Model 2 Bullet & Powder Scale Owned from new and light use as went to electronic scales. All complete in original box with warranty and instructions. £75 posted mainland UK.
  2. If you were to start again...

    I haven't ventured in to the world of reloading before, its never really "floated my boat". But, with the prospect of copper coming its making more sense to me and possibly because I'm quite keen on precision. So the simple question is, if you were starting again, what would you buy or avoid...
  3. Wanted: Redding .223 Competition Seating Die

    Does anyone have a Redding competition seating die for .223 sat about that they no longer want?
  4. For Sale: Redding .257 die set

    Redding .257 Roberts FL die set. Old but unused with factory rust preventative film still present. Box has crack in lid as shown but shuts securely. £45 posted