1. A J

    Wanted: Redding .223 Competition Seating Die

    Does anyone have a Redding competition seating die for .223 sat about that they no longer want?
  2. takbok

    For Sale: Redding .257 die set

    Redding .257 Roberts FL die set. Old but unused with factory rust preventative film still present. Box has crack in lid as shown but shuts securely. £45 posted
  3. A

    For Sale: Redding + Forster .243 Dies: FL, Seater, Bushing Neck

    Hi Sale due to changing caliber and minimal use as a result of falling in love with my 6.5 x47, I am selling my .243 winchester dies. 1x Redding Type S Bushing Neck Sizing die with 2 x steel bushings, £45 SOLD 1 x Forster Full Length Sizer £30 (little Use) 1 X Forster Bench Rest Seater Die £45...
  4. A

    Sold: Redding type S bushing neck sizing die 6x47 lapua

    Hi As new redding type s bushing neck sizing die 6x47 lapua as new! Accidentally bought in the US instead of the 6.5x47 lapua (I'm blaming jet lag). No bushings as I got the correct ones for the 6.5 x47. £60 posted Ash