reloading dies

  1. For Sale: Die set

    Redding premium deluxe die set 6.5 CREEDMOOR BOUGHT NEW FROM SPUD ,UNUSED £175
  2. For Sale: Reloading bits

    Hi all. I have a bit of a surplus on reloading bits and bobs. HORNADY LNL OAL STRAIGHT GAUGE brand new - £50 plus postage LEE RIFLE PACESETTER 3 DIE SET WITH FACTORY CRIMP DIE and LEE RIFLE CHARGING DIE .308 - £60 plus postage Lee safety powder scale - £15 plus postage Lee Case length Gauge...
  3. Expensive dies - worth it?

    I have some basic Lee full length sizing and seating dies in .308 Winchester. If I upgraded to a more expensive set of dies could I expect to see any difference in the quality of the ammunition I produce, and therefore group sizes? If the answer is 'yes' what dies would people recommend? TIA
  4. Sold: Reloading dies - RCBS .308 Neck, .222 Neck, Redding .300 WSM Neck & Seating

    Following a rationalisation of my reloading kit I have decided to sell the following dies as I do not use them: SOLD RCBS .222 Rem NECK sizer die (P/N 10930) - As new (Not used since bought) in original box etc. £35 + P&P. SOLD SOLD RCBS .308 Rem NECK sizer die (P/N 15530) - As new (Not used...
  5. Wanted: .308 full length sizing die

    Hi, anyone got a full length sizing die for a .308 available. I’d prefer Hornady custom, or RCBS, but what have people got gathering dust?