1. Gun Stock Services (refinishing, adjustments, fitting etc.)

  2. How to: Disassemble a Sidelock Shotgun

    A quick step-by-step guide on disassembling a sidelock shotgun, should you wish to give your gun a thorough, deep clean before/after the season. The gun used in this example is an AYA No.2 Sidelock Ejector. The steps below can be used on most sidelocks, however some may vary slightly. Please...
  3. Installing an Ebony forend tip

    I thought I'd take the time to show everyone my method of installing an ebony forend tip on a Sako 85. There are many ways of doing it, this is just my preferred method. First, the desired length was marked, carefully cut and removed. The ebony replacement was roughly cut oversized. Marks...
  4. RoeSafe Repairs - Advice Needed!

    My RoeSafe has many of its flexible poles sticking out. Have others had this problem and have they advice on how to repair them? Cheers, K
  5. Suggestions re. repairing a portable high seat?

    As per the thread title. I went to one of my high seats today, an X3M1 portable, and found that a sizeable bough had fallen from the tree, striking the shooting rail on the way down and twisting and shearing the rail supports as a result. The picture above shows the seat when new. The...