1. Keys with my RFD

    Guy's, my local RFD is a near neighbour and fellow club member so I plan to give him my spare set of safe keys so my wife/daughter need not worry come the enevitable day. Can I just go ahead, label them up and hand them over? ( He knows where I live so I wasnt going to put the adress on the...
  2. Importing Canada -UK

    Good Evening, I am currently living in Canada as a UK Citizen and due to return in the early summer. I hold a UK FAC and have acquired a rifle whilst in Canada. As far as I am aware my FAC allows me to 'import' this on my return as I hold the authority to aquire that Calibre. Has anyone...
  3. Insurance for a gunsmith

    Hi all, Does anyone know a good broker/underwriter for liability insurance for a gunsmith? Herefordshire based if that makes a difference? All best, Z.