rifle cleaning

  1. Cleaning Kit Recommendations - Target Shooting

    Hi all! Been shooting both small bore and full bore for over a year now and have acquired a collection of firearms! Now my question is, does anyone have a 'go to' brand for cleaning supplies/accessories? Currently I'm just using some cheapo kit from amazon, a bore snake (for my 20 cal rifles)...

    Used ProSmith Custom Bore Guide Fits Most Rifles and Delivers Maximum Versatility High-quality, anodized T6 aluminium construction and optimum versatility make the ProSmith Universal Bore Guide the ideal precision accessory for breech-to-muzzle cleaning. 2 specially tapered tips for a maximum...
  3. Brunox Turbo Gun Care Spray

    Hi All, I’ve heard some people say that Brunox Turbo Gun Care spray can be used to clean barrels and won’t affect point of impact / zero. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? Are the claims true?
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