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    S/H GRS BIFROST GREEN FOR BLASER R8 PROFFESSIONAL RIFLE STOCK £390.00 https://rmacleod.co.uk/sh-grs-bifrost-green-for-blaser-r8-proffessional-rifle-stock-003074/
  2. New PSE Evolution Stock - Now Available

    Good afternoon folks, As many of you know already, PSE introduced the new Evolution rifle stock this year at the SHOT / IWA trade shows. Over the past few months we have been working on getting production up and running. We're happy to announce that the Evolution stock is now available to order...
  3. Sako 85 xs varmint

    Hi all. I’ve got a sako 85 xs 223 varmint. Laminate stock. Love the rifle but absolutely hate the stock. It’s not very hard wearing and it’s very heavy. I’m looking for a lighter stock for the rifle but struggling to find one. Any recommendations? Thanks
  4. Sold: Blaser R8 stock

    for sale blaser R8 stock brought it for the metal work a while back. so no longer needed. butt pads shows some use but can pick them up for £15-£20 doesn’t effect it at all. price is £250 posted
  5. Spots on wooden rifle stock

    Hi All, My wooden rifle stock got wet the other day and some white spots appeared where rain drops had hit it. I added some stock oil to it which got rid of the white spots, but now in certain lights the finish on the stock is uneven (see pictures). How do I resolve this?
  6. For Sale: GRS Hunter Light

    The Hunter Light stock is 25% lighter than all other GRS laminate models. A 5% scaled-down grip and length of pull make it our shortest and slimmest stock offering. The famous push-button cheek piece adjustment and the ergonomic grip are standard. Length of pull can be increased by adding 1cm...