roe sack

  1. Krabryn

    Sold: Harkila Roe Sack

    Not used my roe sack for a year so selling it off. Only lightly used and in excellent condition with heavy gauge waterproof liner, 1 small mouse hole in side pocket as it sought emergency Kendal Mint Cake larder, happy obese mouse not included! Model is the version with the compressible side...
  2. tjm160

    Sold: Monarch Roe Sack

    Selling up. Monarch Roe Sack (previous design with clip rather than zip closures)in very good condition, carried just eight Roe. £50 posted.
  3. D

    Sold: .243 win weatherby vanguard + 8x56 hungarian S&B + mod for sale £500 +Swandri coat _

    ***********ALL ITEMS NOW SOLD******************************************* As per the title I have .243 win weatherby vanguard + 8x56 hungarian S&B + carry case and old T8 mod (fouling on the outside) Also 40 rounds of 105g Geco for sale £500 The rifle has fired approx. 160 rounds (I still have...