roe stalking

  1. Introduction

    Hi, There. I'm from the North Yorkshire area, where I mainly pursue Roe, Been Stalking since the mid 1980's. I'm a lover of tradition and believe we should follow Sporting practices, Became more aware of the Stalking directory whole researching Ross telescopes, and appreciated the huge amount...
  2. Available: Accompanied Roe and Muntjac stalking in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

    Accompanied Roe and Muntjac stalking available in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. We are a small team of experienced stalkers that manage a number of estates and offer accompanied outings for all levels of experience. Estate rifles available, training, DSC 2 witnessing and weekend packages with...
  3. Wanted: Assisted stalking for Muntjac, Roe, CWD in Herfordshire or adjacent county.

    I have had some years of shooting with my club and for pest control (rabbit and fox) and am currently looking to extend my experience in the field to include deer stalking for the smaller spieces of deer. As I'm looking to do this on a regular basis (albeit on a spare-time basis), ideally I'd...
  4. Hi All

    Hi All; My name is Richard, I've been shooting with a club and involved in pest control (rabbits and foxes) for some years now. This along with my DSC level 1 (gained some time ago in September 2012) now makes me feel it's time to look towards taking the next step and getting involved in some...
  5. 308 Roebuck Northumberland.

    Hi, just joined as a new member, I am based in North Northumberland and shoot, stalk or fish at every opportunity, and have been involved in fieldsports from a very young age. I also pick up at Northumberland Estates during the season, and have a good acreage of roe stalking and have been...
  6. Wanted: Roe Deer Stalking in Angus area Scotland

    Hello all, Looking for some land to stalk some roe deer before the end of this season, I have both a shotgun and firearms license and posse a legal calibre rifle for the job, if anyone knows of anybody in the area that has land I would be also grateful. thanks again
  7. warbles found in roe deer ?

    I spoke to a chap at the deer larder and in the conversation he came out with,he shot a roe in sutherland and skinned for the pot and discovered 56 warbles,i never came across warbles in roe before,has anyone else ?