1. nicowilson

    Sold: Karrimor SF Hydro 30 rucksack

    Here's a Karrimor SF Hydro 30 rucsac in good condition. I like it. It's great as a rucsac for use in the field as it swallows kit but is cleverly designed in such a way that it's easy to sit down when it's on. Unfortunately, for me, the inner main compartment cannot take a pad of A4 paper so...
  2. c18rch

    How do you carry yours?

    This may have been asked before but, I've done a quick search and it's not revealed what I was looking for. I was wondering how people carry their kit around. This is my current set up: Rifle on a rucksack sling; Bushnell laser rangefinder binos on a harness; Sticks - carried in hand; Napier...
  3. Greymaster

    For Sale: Swedteam Rucksack - With Seat - New

    Swedteam rucksack equipped with SWEDTEAM Air Flex System which means it is extremely easy to carry. The light aluminium frame is coated with extra strong plastic and the width is adapted to avoid contact, as well as possible, with the rifle-butt when rifle is carried on shoulder. The...