sako a7

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  1. Sako .243 A7S

    Hello. Hoping to get some advice from anyone that uses a Sako .243 A7S as I’m considering buying one. I’m looking for something that I can used for my DSC1, close in woodland deer stalking and also target shooting out to 600 yards. Any advice or comments from someone who uses this rifle would be...
  2. Sako A7 - Bolt Shroud

    Afternoon gents, Looking to pick some brains. I have a Sako A7 which I love. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the plastic bolt shroud, it looks cheap. I noticed another A7 had a metal bolt shroud on it. I believe this was off of a Sako 85. Am I correct in this assumption and if so is it...
  3. Sako A7 accuracy problems

    I'm looking at buying a new rifle and called up my local gun dealer for a price on a Sako A7. They said that they do not stock them as they have had several customers complain about their accuracy - there seems to be a problem with the floated barrel touching the stock, resulting in bad...
  4. New .308 time! Sako or Tikka?

    I have been stalking for about a year now and i'm itching to upgrade my rifle to something better/lighter/shorter for woodland stalking. I'm happy with my scope (Swaro fixed 8x50) for the moment and reckon i've got about £1000 for a rifle and mod once i've sold or p/x my current rifle and mod...
  5. Hello

    Hi all, love my shooting - shotguns and rifles - quite a selection of both - thoroughly enjoy everything from pigeons, ducks, pheasants, foxes and now have the deer stalking bug. Awaiting delivery of an A7 Sako synthetic stainless with mod in .308 happy hunting.
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