2. Hi

    Hi Passionate hunter based in Surrey’ looking for deer stalking opportunities and interested in rifles and associated optics. Used to ahoot a lot in France aome time ago.
  3. Sauer 100 Fieldshoot vs Benelli Lupo in Wood

    What do you think chaps? Which do you prefer? Both have a similar adjustable trigger pull down to 2.2lbs although I personally prefer less. Both seem high quality and a little different although the Sauer sits a little more on the traditional side. Both seem to fair well in reviews and...
  4. Sold: Sauer 404 Mounts

    Genuine sauer 404 mounts for sale (detachable type) One at 30mm - £300 One at 40mm (Swarovski DS) £300 £500 the pair These cost £600 each if bought new. Located Aberdeenshire Thanks (Pics to follow)
  5. For Sale: Rifles and shotguns

    ArmItalia Boxlock S/S N/E D/T 12Bore Shotgun. S/N: 7694. Stephenoise Arms L. Baucher French single shot .410 bolt action shotgun. s/n: 68420. 2inch chamber. Savage 64 self-loading tube-fed .22LR Rifle. s/n: NVN collectable, project. Laurona S/S Boxlock 12Bore Shotgun Denton & Kennel...
  6. Wanted: Sauer 202 action

    I'm wondering if anyone has a Sauer 202 action for sale or maybe have one with a shot out barrel. Don't need stock either. Maybe someone would be interested in a deal?
  7. Sold: Sauer 404 SUM Mount with 30mm rings

    Sauer SUM (Sauer Universal Mount) with 30mm rings, you can buy others from various outlets. Used on my 404 Synchro XT, which is also for sale (via my RFD), looking for £100 for this mount to your door. Cheers Eddie
  8. For Sale: Sauer 404 Detachable 40mm Mount

    As description, suitable for the Swarovski DS £300ono located Aberdeenshire
  9. Bipod Options for Sauer 404

    Evening All, So I’ve had a Sauer 404 for just over a year now and have managed without a bipod up to now. However going to start doing some hill stalking so thinking I’m going to need a bipod. Obviously there is the official Sauer option however this comes with a fairly hefty price tag for what...
  10. For Sale: NEW SAUER 404 SYNCRO XTC CAMO GREEN £5995.00
  11. New member.

    I have some land in SW Michigan and like to collect and shoot older hammer side by sides, Drillings, combination guns and custom rifles. If you’re selling anything with engraving and/or beautiful wood please contact me. I love the Metric calibers. Also love old Winchester’s. -Ian
  12. Moy - Highland Fieldsports Fair Friday & Saturday 3/4 Aug 2018

    Just about to start packing our wares and head across to Moy to set up for Friday kick-off. Rain doesn't seem to be an issue this year - aside from lack of it, but be interesting to see how the new graevelled track ways work out. We've finally made it from the outer edges and are now at the...
  13. Anyone recognise these mounts?

    These came off a Sauer 202. Think that I was told they were Apel. Does anyone recognise them? All best, Z.
  14. Sauer 100 Mounts

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Sauer 100 and would like to know what mounts fit? I've heard Remington 700 mounts fit but haven't been able to confirm this.
  15. MOY this Friday & Saturday

    Moy is a bit of a strange beast - a lot of old timers report there's a certain 'feel' to it you dont get elsewhere. I'd go along with that ( despite being NO WHERE near as old as John and Bog Trotter :D ), its certainly a fair that seems variable - its different each time - sometimes to the...
  16. Neopod on a sauer 202 td?

    Am looking at a Neopod to use on my Sauer 202 TD but want to check here if anyone done that. Not sure if it works as the front end fastner is not fixt but swirvels.. howmwold that work out? Good or bad? Cheers!
  17. Moray Outfitting at Deer Stalking Fair 29/30 April

    Hello all - prompted by Rob at Monarch's post here! We'll be alongside Monarch at the Deer Stalking Fair - just follow the Jaffa cake crumb trail if in any confusion. :D The event is at the Black Isle Showground this coming Saturday and Sunday - The Deerstalking Fair 2017The Deerstalking Fair...
  18. Opinions on Ammo for Sauer 202 Elegance (Fallow + Red deer)

    Hi there, First of all hi! Literally just joined the forum yesterday. Some interesting reads and information so first off thanks for that. I'm looking for some information if anyone can help. I've just purchased a Sauer 202 Elegance in .308. Still to get it sent across to me from England...
  19. Opinions Please

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a new rifle. I'd be interested in hearing about pro's and cons on the following choices: a) Sako 85 b) Sauer 404 c) Blaser R8 pro success Mainly used for deer but might take it out after the occasional fox.
  20. Kelso Deer Fair - April 9 th & 10th 2016 We'll be there!

    I wasn't certain posted in correct area - so Mods please feel free to move as required. Possibly a little premature, but John is jumping up and down and occassionally I do have to humour him! We are waiting on full confirmation of some details; which I'll update here as we get them - but...