sauer 404

  1. Sold: Sauer 404 flexpro bipod

    Sauer 404 flexpro bipod. It has been used several times now, so it has a few scuffs on the adaptor, but nothing major. Overall it is in 8.5/10 condition (see the photos for yourself). Selling to fund my new 6.5CM. The bipod is made from carbon fibre and is light as a feather (160g), the Sauer...
  2. Bipod Options for Sauer 404

    Evening All, So I’ve had a Sauer 404 for just over a year now and have managed without a bipod up to now. However going to start doing some hill stalking so thinking I’m going to need a bipod. Obviously there is the official Sauer option however this comes with a fairly hefty price tag for what...