1. Sold: Stevens (Savage) 58 Bolt Action 12B FAC

    As above. A Stevens by Savage, model 58. 12Bore Bolt Action. Sect. 1. Good condition stock and a nice grain. Excellent overall condition for its age, looked after and a solid build. A great example. Variable choke. 2 3/4'' chamber. The magazine it comes with is only two shot (meaning...
  2. For Sale: Old 22lr Savage model 64 rifle

    Savage model 64 Self loading ie semi auto Older rifle Tube fed magazine Threaded 24 ins barrel Open sights Drilled and tapped receiver Great classic old rifle, needs a little TLC but well suited to someone who likes the old rifles. £100 (rfd to rfd is £25)
  3. Sold: Savage Model 24 Combination .22LR/.410 Magnum O/U Rifle £350

    Having a bit of a clear-out at present and, as this doesn't get the use it did and only is my standby for HAD, I think its time to go even though this is quite a unique gun this side of the Atlantic: One of Savage’s own guns and manufactured in 1960 (found a guide to both dating and identifying...
  4. Cheap-ish .17 HMR Rifles - Any recommendations?

    I quite fancy getting a .17 HMR rifle for foxes and hares as it's the minimum permitted calibre for both and we have loads of hares on our shoot. I've seen that both Savage and Mossberg do rifles in this calibre at a decent price, but I don't know anyone who actually has one of them. Have any...