1. Sold: Schmidt & Bender Variable Scope (1.5-6x42 Klassik FFP)

    As per title, the Klassik is in the first focal plane, 30mm tube. In good condition, has some minor ring marks (not crimped). Sunshade on the Klassik is included in price. Scope is Minute of Angle adjustment clicks (1 click = 1/4 MOA). The Klassik has very desirable externally adjustable...
  2. Sold: 6.5 FMJ Projectiles (PPU + S&B)

    Evening all, I have the below, going a different route with 6.5 Swede so these are unused. 100 X PPU 139grn 6.5 FMJ Projectiles - £26 posted 400 X S&B 140grn FMJ 6.5 Projectiles - in boxes of 100, £18 posted per box or £62 posted for all 400 of them. Please PM me if you want to buy! Thanks
  3. For Sale: Schmidt & Bender 8x56 - Germany scope 26mm tube £275

    A few light marks but still all works ok giving outstanding performance
  4. Sold: Schmidt & Bender 8x56 LM L3 ILLUMINATED 30mm tube (mint)

    Schmidt & Bender 8x56 LM L3 ILLUMINATED 30mm tube Superb example in mint condition, fitted to a rifle but barely used. Absolutely no marks on any surface - mint condition and the illuminated reticule works perfectly. See Rifle Shooter Magazine Review for a review of this scope. £425...
  5. S&B T96 or stratos?

    Talk me out of it- possible in market for a high / mid end scope. I have both klassic 8x56 and 6x42 on other rifles, but just got a s hand 7mm rem mag for longer range deer on the hill and mountain hunt abroad on rare occasion. Looking at a scope with bdc and zoom. Naturally I like s&b glass...
  6. Sold: Schmidt 3-12x50 PM1 Zerostop 1/4moa

    For sale is a bombproof Schmidt and Bender PM1 scope. 30mm tube 3-12x50 P1 Bryant Ret FFP https://www.schmidtundbender.de/images/stories/absehen/absehen-p1-bryant-1be.jpg 1/4 MoA clicks Zero stop This is a used scope with crimp marks in the paint (like this when I bought it many years ago)...
  7. Sold: Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Hungarian Klassik Scope

    Re-acquisition of another Duralyt means that my back-up 1" S&B 8x56 Hungarian Klassik has to go. Glass is absolutely perfect but the tube shows signs of use. There are some ring marks, cabinet marks on the bell and one small scratch with on the objective end. I've tried to photograph these...
  8. Sold: S&B 8x56 Hungarian (A8)

    For sale is my Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Hungarian. A8 reticle. 30mm tube. In excellent, optically perfect condition. The glass is immaculate and scratch-free. Full spec here: Riflescopes - Hunting - 8x56 Klassik £365 (to include P+P from Southern Ireland). No offers please - the price is firm.
  9. Sold: s&b 8x56 30mm a7

    For sale is an 8x56 schmidt and bender scope with a 30mm tube and an a7 reticle. Comes with original box and packaging, all paperwork, scope covers and the registration card which is unused as I never used it to register. Scope has been on my rifle since I bought it and has had guards in the...
  10. For Sale: .308 Hornady & S&B brass

    500 S&B once fired brass in the original 20 round boxes £30/100 Inc P&P to UK mainland. SOLD - 110 Hornady once fired brass in the original 20 round boxes £35/110 Inc P&P to UK mainland - SOLD.
  11. Scope for boar hunting

    I'm looking for a scope for boar hunting, hopefully I will be able to find a 1.1-4x24 S&B which is my preference, if not will probably be Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24. Is it better to go for the extended eye relief if I opt for the Swarovski? It will be mounted on a .308.