schmidt and bender

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  1. Introduction

    Hi am jarred Schoeman live in Cardiff whales I own a 6.5 creedmore rpr and had a Kahles k525i but sold it. I do a bit of long range shooting with the set up and do deerstalking with a cz 308 which is my go to hunting rifle. I am currently looking for a Minox zp5 5-25 or a schmidt with mtc...
  2. Sold: Schmidt and bender Stratos 2.5 - 13 x 56

    Schmidt and Bender Stratos 2.5 - 13 x 56 IR 30mm tube £900 inc insured and tracked courier. Very good condition and an excellent piece of glass First focal plane IR needs new battery but is adjustable in size and brightness. If you buy the "choose your light" USB package, you can refine...
  3. Sold: Blaser R93 LUXUS .243

    Blaser R93 LUXUS .243 rifle, threaded. Beautiful walnut stock of good grade and grain. Nice to handle with simple straight-pull action, 3-shot push down magazine capacity. Shoots 1/2'' at 100 yards with 90gr Sako soft point and 75gr SST Hornady Superformance. All very good condition, no...
Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!