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  1. For Sale: 3 Semi’s

    Ian thinning my collection somewhat and looking to re-home the following First is a Hatsan escort gen 2 3 shot semi with a nice wood effect plastic furniture comes with full set of chokes and shims it’s had very little work and cycles everything I have tried £200 Second is an Issc mk22 copy...
  2. For Sale: Hatsan Escort LH

    Hatsan Escort 28inch barrel. Grey synthetic stock. Top condition. Fired very few shots. Near new. Mid-Suffolk. £150.
  3. Sold: Hatsan Escort LH under 100 shots

    Black synthetic stock hatsan Escort LH fore sale. £195 for quick sale. Very little use. Under 100 shots. Immaculate condition. Full range of chokes. Full working order. Bargain for a lefty! Suffolk.
  4. For Sale: Left handed Franchi Affinity One

    As new Franchi Affinity One. Fired 10 times. Immaculate condition. Purchased in January. Left handed version. “28inc barrel. Chokes. Boxed. Manuals. Pained to sell but I have an eye condition and have to sell. £525.
  5. Pump action or semi-auto?

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place on the forum to ask (admin please tell me if not!). I am looking at getting one of these shotguns, in 12 bore I'm pretty sure, for pigeons etc. It will be FAC as I have an open slot on my FAC for one, and am thinking about 7+1 I think. However, I am...
  6. Sold: Hatsan Escort Magnun. 7-shot semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun

    Superb condition Hatsan Escort Magnum Semi-Auto shotgun. Full Luxor wood finish. Time to move the Hatsan to make some room in the cabinet. (Nothing to do with the fact I can't hit a barn door at 5 paces and everything has scarpered by the time I've let a shot off) My little used (genuinely)...
  7. Eyes problem and semi auto

    Hi All. I recently had a major flair up with my master eye. Extremely sore, blood shot and inflamed. Saw the GP and it cleared up after 5/6 days. A day or so later I shpt my semi auto again and I’m having a repeat of the symptoms realising that I shot my semi auto the day before the previous...
  8. For Sale: Marlin 795 semiauto 22lr

    An excellent, fast, accurate, light and fun little gun. Ideal bunny basher or great for fast steel or target shooting. This rifle comes with 3x 7round mags and a stainless steel pepper pot style muzzle break (not pictured) 1/2 unf thread. This is my second Marlin 795, I am keeping the...
  9. Sold: Benelli Extended Pad

    Benelli adapter pad, its the extended right hand version. Used once then i sold the M2 as the barrel felt too long. £80 (reduced)
  10. Sold: BERETTA A400 XCEL

    hi im selleing my a400 xcel comes with 3 chokes soft case 1 choke is a titanium extreme choke £99 this gun cycles everything ive put through it face to face only no offers priced to sell READY FOR PIGEON PROTECTION DUTIES £750 darren 07917355276
  11. Sold: Benelli M2 Comfortech 2+1 Black

    Hi folks, looking to sell my Benelli M2 Comfortech 2+1 shotgun 28” barrel, it is 11 months old and in very good condition, almost new. I bought it from new at Game and Country in Selkirk. It will still have 4 years warranty through GMK. it comes with 5 Benelli flush fit chokes with key, in a...
  12. Sold: Mossberg "715T" semi-auto .22lr

    As above -6 position adjustable stock - 20 or 25 shot magazine - quadrail forend Rugged semi-automatic rifle for plinking or hunting at a reasonable price. Comes with original manual and trigger lock £200 inc rfd to rfd
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