semi auto

  1. For Sale: Leaving the sport sale guys

    Decided it’s time to change hobby’s looking to get into archery so I have a few guns up for sale Howa 1500 in 223 with digex c50 only a year old and been out in the field 5 times excellent scope grs stock few knocks here and there over all great foxing rifle £1000 inc mod bipod sling Deposit...
  2. For Sale: 2 Semi’s

    Ian thinning my collection somewhat and looking to re-home the following First is a Hatsan escort gen 2 3 shot semi with a nice wood effect plastic furniture comes with full set of chokes and shims it’s had very little work and cycles everything I have tried £200 Second is an Issc mk22 copy...
  3. For Sale: Hatsan Escort LH

    Hatsan Escort 28inch barrel. Grey synthetic stock. Top condition. Fired very few shots. Near new. Mid-Suffolk. £150.
  4. Sold: Hatsan Escort LH under 100 shots

    Black synthetic stock hatsan Escort LH fore sale. £195 for quick sale. Very little use. Under 100 shots. Immaculate condition. Full range of chokes. Full working order. Bargain for a lefty! Suffolk.
  5. For Sale: Left handed Franchi Affinity One

    As new Franchi Affinity One. Fired 10 times. Immaculate condition. Purchased in January. Left handed version. “28inc barrel. Chokes. Boxed. Manuals. Pained to sell but I have an eye condition and have to sell. £525.
  6. Pump action or semi-auto?

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place on the forum to ask (admin please tell me if not!). I am looking at getting one of these shotguns, in 12 bore I'm pretty sure, for pigeons etc. It will be FAC as I have an open slot on my FAC for one, and am thinking about 7+1 I think. However, I am...
  7. Sold: Hatsan Escort Magnun. 7-shot semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun

    Superb condition Hatsan Escort Magnum Semi-Auto shotgun. Full Luxor wood finish. Time to move the Hatsan to make some room in the cabinet. (Nothing to do with the fact I can't hit a barn door at 5 paces and everything has scarpered by the time I've let a shot off) My little used (genuinely)...
  8. Eyes problem and semi auto

    Hi All. I recently had a major flair up with my master eye. Extremely sore, blood shot and inflamed. Saw the GP and it cleared up after 5/6 days. A day or so later I shpt my semi auto again and I’m having a repeat of the symptoms realising that I shot my semi auto the day before the previous...
  9. Sold: Benelli Extended Pad

    Benelli adapter pad, its the extended right hand version. Used once then i sold the M2 as the barrel felt too long. £80 (reduced)