1. Cost of service for sxs, views sought

    Greatful for member views on how much a service, inc full strip down of parts and re-grease/ oil, plus 1 new firing pin on a Spanish 7 pin, h&h style action, sxs Would come to? does not involve replacing ejectors Or any other works. what’s a reasonable bill for such a service? thanks.
  2. How to: Disassemble a Sidelock Shotgun

    A quick step-by-step guide on disassembling a sidelock shotgun, should you wish to give your gun a thorough, deep clean before/after the season. The gun used in this example is an AYA No.2 Sidelock Ejector. The steps below can be used on most sidelocks, however some may vary slightly. Please...
  3. The Airgun Doctor

    Just thought i would let others on SD who use Airguns and may need them repaired or serviced at some point, of the absolutly brilliant service i received from Simon the Airgun Doctor in Staffordshire last week. I had an RWS Scimitar that was leaking badly and...