Leica Amplus 6
  1. Sean’s Introduction

    Hi, I am 60yrs old and from South Tyrone in N Ireland, I have been shooting, stalking and fishing all my life since the age of 16. I do a lot of game shooting and stalking with a small group of like minded friends. I keep 4 rifles ranging from .17 to 308, I also hold 3 shot guns for various...
  2. Hello , new member here !

    hello everyone , I have joined up after numerous recommendations from friends . Occasional recreational stalker based in Scotland . Love all field sports although stalking is my favourite. Looking forward to learning from and meeting like minded people . Cheers
  3. New to stalking/rifles - benefits of air rifles?

    Hi All, I'm keen to get into stalking and eventually take the preDSC1 and DSC1 and was thinking of buying an air rifle to enable me to practice general shooting skills in the garden and local club - is this a good idea or are the disciplines too different to be beneficial? The local club only...
  4. Shooting land permission

    The land that I have permission to shoot over in Cardiff is having development work done so the permission is paused until it’s finished. It’s a cheeky question but is anyone willing to share a permission or know of any place that would allow me to shoot on their land? Only air rifle...
  5. Available: Deer Syndicate places that are Remaining this Year !!!

    You may have noticed I have not advertised syndicate places much this year. Mainly due to the fact that almost everyone has retained their places. So here is what available. 2x places available on a 2 gun syndicate 15 minutes North of Inverness, This place is mainly Sika with multiple...
  6. For Sale: Shooting seat

    Personal sale Old fashioned shooting seat that sticks into the ground. Metal and leather. Seen better days bit functions as intended. Good for the pigeon hide if you get achy legs on a bad day! £25 posted Now £17 posted
  7. Sold: dgfweg Rifle saddle mount Rifle clamp

    Attaches to most threaded shooting sticks and tripods/ camera tripods. Clamps the rifle solidly in place for shooting. RRP normally £60 once postage is considered Price: £50 posted.
  8. For Sale: Canvis shotgun 12b cartridge belt

    As above £12 posted. May be of use to someone
  9. For Sale: Leather shotgun slips

    1 x vintage padded leather slip, needs zip repair. £25 posted. 1 x thin leather slip, top entry with fastening buckle. £17.50 posted.
  10. Available: 200 Bird Duck Shoot in Radstock. 10 Guns

    200 Bird Duck Shoot in Radstock. 10 Guns 8 guns spare Tuesday 22nd December 2020. Holcombe Duck Shoot, Radstock. Meet at the shoot lodge at Moors Farm, 9am. Lunch provided. BA3 5ES. Lovely terrain with high birds! £590 (including lunch). Please see the photos of some of the land at the shoot.
  11. Roe Buck Siberia

    Roe Buck Siberia

    Roe Buck shot in Siberia 850g
  12. Siberian Roe

    Siberian Roe

    Two Roe side by side in the snow
  13. Available: Siberian Bear Hunting Trip to Russia

    Siberian Bear Hunting Trip to Russia SPECIAL OFFER! Choose the dates you would like. 4520eu (£4109.09 1.1) full package (see what is included below). Hunting season from 10.09 It is the Hunters choice whether they would like: Stalking 2. High seat 3. 4×4 hunt Kurgansk hunting area, West...
  14. For Sale: CZ RIFLE 557 6.5x55 BOLT ACTION

    CZ RIFLE 557 6.5x55 BOLT ACTION Sporter 6.5 x 55 Swedish Walnut SC - Lovely stock on it! 1/2 UNF Brand New in CZ Box can send to RFD The CZ 557 Sporter; an elegant, American style model, constructed from a simple Beech wood stock, without sights. Combining decades of weapons designing and...
  15. For Sale: Remington .338 Lap Mag 700

    Remington .338 Lap Mag 700 NEW GRS STOCK! TIMNEY TRIGGER WILDCAT MODERATOR SPECIAL OFFER FOR STALKING DIRECTORY MEMBERS RRP - £1899.99 STALKING DIRECTORY MEMBERS - £1699.99 Please contact 0117 3039 227 or visit our website
  16. For Sale: WILD CAT 8 .30 CAL SOUND MODERATOR BAFFLES- 1/2" UNF or 3/4 UNEF

    WILD CAT 8 .30 CAL SOUND MODERATOR BAFFLES- 1/2" UNF or 3/4 UNEF Made from Stainless Steel and high grade Alloy fitted with 8 Baffle stacks the Predator 8 is a superior design Over Barrel Sound Moderator with a 30mm bore to accommodate barrels of up to 29mm, which, unlike the T8 can be...

    DPT SOUND MODERATOR 17 HMR or .22 RIMFIRE Baffles - 5/8" UNF Baffles can be broken down to clean. SPECIAL OFFER FOR STALKING DIRECTORY MEMBERS RRP - £100 STALKING DIRECTORY MEMBERS - £80 Please contact 0117 3039 227 or visit our website
  18. For Sale: NEW CZ .22 LR 457 Synthetic

    The new CZ 457 synthetic was launched on 27th March 2020. The successor to the 455 series is out with a modular design, 30-degree bolt throw and interchangeable barrells. .22 LR perfectly balanced. Ready for target and rabbit shooting. Optional extra SIROCCO sound moderator . SM1116 1/2 UNF...
  19. For Sale: NEW Tikka T3X TAC A1 Tactical Rifle 6.5 Creedmore

    Never before has there been a rifle that meets the strictest quality requirements for unrivalled long range accuracy at this price range. With best-in-class value for every sport shooter, the new T3x TAC A1 is the ultimate tool for long range accuracy. THE T3X RANGE IN DETAIL The Tikka T3x...
  20. For Sale: Range of DVDs: Wild Boar Fever, Wild Boar Hunting, Fallow Deer & Driven Hunts, Trophy Hunting England

    Range of DVDs including: Wild Boar Fever Wild Boar Fever III Wild Boar Hunting Fallow Deer & Driven Hunts Trophy Hunting England See pictures for details! Mix and Match! £5 each or £18 for 4! All details and photographs on our website Please contact 0117 3039 227 or visit our website...
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